For decades, our company has crafted handcrafted jewelry that has graced every corner of the globe. With its innovative approach and excellence in the industry, now we are proud to offer a retail store consisted of our exclusive designs made by our expert designers and artisans.

Our Story

"At our core, we believe in authenticity and sustainable practices. Welcome to our world where every piece tells a story, a radiant blend of past, present, and future"

Who We Are

Welcome. Originated in the heart of Istanbul, Turkey, Born amidst the richly woven tapestry of Byzantine, Ottoman, and contemporary Turkish heritage, our work is an intimate reflection of this enduring history that is passed on by generations from our family.

Our pieces, designed with precision, reflect the city's rich cultural history while embodying its vibrant present. With a meticulous eye for detail, we preserve the age-old art of jewelry making, fusing it with modern aesthetics.

Join us, and embrace the remarkable fusion of history, culture, and craftsmanship that is the heart of our family.